Electronic Drawing & Document Issuing Policy

It is the policy of KDP Architects to issue drawings and documents in Adobe PDF format as standard. This ensures the protection of our source data and guarantees that the information that you receive is represented exactly as we intend. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that information is printed to scale.

Drawings & documents issued in their native form

It is understood by KDP Architects that in certain situations drawings and documents may be requested to be issued in their native form.

In this instance the drawings/documents shall only be used for the intended reasons when issued and should not be used for any other purpose on this project and shall not be used on any other project either by the recipient or others without the prior approval of KDP Architects.

The recipient does not have permission to alter the electronic files or the information contained therein, in any way except for the intended reasons when issued by KDP Architects.

Electronic files contain information which may be updated or altered at any time by KDP Architects and it is the responsibility of the recipient to make themselves aware of these changes.

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